Love and Light Won’t Work When Your ‘Shadow Self’ Runs Your Life

Ever felt there’s ‘something not quite right’ in your life? A subtle, underlying ‘something’ lurking ‘somewhere’ you can’t put your finger on or why you’re feeling it? The niggle has been there for some time, maybe even years. And frankly, you’re sick of it. Worse still, you’ve done all the self-help courses, read the books, […]

Awareness: The First Step on the Path to Emotional Freedom

How do you know if your Shadow Self rules you? If you experience recurring patterns in your life… in relationships, at work, with finances, with certain triggers… there’s a very good chance our Shadow Self is silently running large chunks of your life. What is the Shadow? The Shadow Self is those parts of ourselves […]

The 4 Steps to Loving Your Ugly and Finding Emotional Freedom

Here’s a quick and easy way to do Shadow work, which brings about healing all those wounds we carry with us every day. Famed psychologist Carl Jung said it best: “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it […]

Spiritual Arrogance: Your Shadow Self Strikes Again to Hold You Back

Dear awakened being, beware of the ‘spiritual arrogance’ that catches even the most enlightened of us. It goes like this… you’ve done several trainings, read lots of books, have found ‘your’ guy or girl, and you set yourself onward and upward to higher levels. None of which is bad. What I find tends to happen […]

“I’ve already dealt with that” and Other Red Flags on the Healing Journey

Let’s talk avoidance and how it holds you back. The personal development path is paved with potholes and landmines that derail even the most committed. In this post, I want to talk with you about three of the most common red flags: #1 – “I’ve already dealt with that” #2 – “I prefer to focus […]