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The official site of Steve Vincent – Poet and Spiritual Teacher who helps others overcome obstacles and follow their dharma.


“She’s okay, I think”

(One of Steve’s most popular poems)

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About Steve Vincent

Steve Vincent is a poet and spiritual teacher who helps people overcome their challenges and live their dharma.

Finding You

Steve Vincent’s collection of poems that guide the journey into your Shadow Self is finally here.

Dive deep into your Shadow Self to uncover parts of you you have rejected, buried, and locked away

See why I have written each poem… I explain what the words mean to me and, in so doing, prompt you to look at where similar is present in your life

Reflect on each poem and respond in a structured way designed to help you look at parts of yourself with total freedom and honesty

Discover an easy process to love all of you, no matter how shameful, embarrassing, or painful it might be

Journey into many parts of your life… family, relationships, work, nature and more… and express how you genuinely feel without fear or judgement, maybe for the first time in your life

Direct, simple language makes the concepts easy to understand fast, so you apply them to your life

Readers Say

Rarely has poetry moved me to tears as those Steve has included in his book, Finding You. These poems, written from Steve's heart, will change your life more than you can imagine. He has an amazing ability to see just what it is we feel and need at different times in our life. Congratulations on a truly inspirational book.
Rae Antony
Mama Rae’s Soul Food
It’s so easy to read and I felt inspired to keep reading. It’s raw and heartfelt. You can feel the honesty. I have never enjoyed reading poetry so much and felt it resonated with me. I feel the reflections relate well to the writing and are easy to do.
Deanne Day
Nurse - Sunshine Coast Qld