Finding You

Discover who you really are

If you’ve ever felt the pain of disconnect let the poems and reflection exercises in Finding You be your companion on a life-changing journey.

Finding You by Steve Vincent helps transcend your skeletons, raise your frequency, and find emotional freedom!

Hi, Steve Vincent here, poet and spiritual teacher

… I help people overcome obstacles and follow their dharma

I didn’t know about it until I knew about it. There I was “happily” carrying on with life. Something however didn’t quite feel right. So I started to ask questions. Then I began to seek answers. And then, after about 10 years of personal development seminars, trainings, books, webinars, you name it, I did it, I found what I felt had always been hanging over my life, like an invisible dark blanket or unseen ball and chain.

My Shadow Self.

Famed psychologist Carl Jung said it best: “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.”

That was me… well-meaning and “successful” but unhappy with who I was. What I have come to know is that you cannot heal what you refuse to look at. Running from or ignoring problems, as the saying goes, only gets you further from the solutions.

Finding You brings you closer to them.

If you are starting to see recurring patterns in your life… if the same triggers keep catching you… there’s a good chance you have stuff lurking in your Shadow Self.

Connecting to this dark side, owning it, accepting it, loving it, and bringing it to balance is how you heal it. Finding You is an invitation from my heart and soul to yours… to bring light to all those parts of ourselves we’ve been running from, projecting onto the others, or avoiding. When we were kids, we feared the dark. Has that really changed as an adult? None of us wants to confront the dark parts of ourselves.

But if you feel it’s time, if you feel the call to ascension, then Finding You is an essential step on the path.

It’s about honesty. It’s about speaking your truth. It’s about letting go and finding who you really are… and being ok with whatever comes. This is the journey I took. And it’s recorded in the pages of Finding You. Only now do I fully grasp what Jung was getting at: that it’s only in our darkness that we find the light. Let’s shine it together.

Finding You gives you the structure to muster the courage to look at those parts of you that have remained hidden from the world.

Dive deep into your Shadow Self to uncover parts of you you have rejected, buried, and locked away

See why I have written each poem… I explain what the words mean to me and, in so doing, prompt you to look at where similar is present in your life

Reflect on each poem and respond in a structured way designed to help you look at parts of yourself with total freedom and honesty

Journey into many parts of your life… family, relationships, work, nature and more… and express how you genuinely feel without fear or judgement, maybe for the first time in your life

Discover an easy process to love all of you, no matter how shameful, embarrassing, or painful it might be

Direct, simple language makes the concepts easy to understand fast, so you apply them to your life

Finding You helps you take off the masks you have been showing the world giving you the freedom to face and own your pain, your beauty, your ugliness, your magnificence, your smallness, and your grandeur.


See p. 30-33

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  4. Write reflections to each poem as you dive deep into your Shadow Self

Finding You was written for you if:

  • You are ready to honestly tackle the hidden forces holding you back from living your best life
  • You know you have more to give the world and are ready to do the inner work
  • Feel you are not on the right life path and want to get on it, pronto
  • Crave deeper connections in your life… with those closest to you and yourself
  • Are sick of recurring patterns in relationships, work, finances and are ready to really look at why
  • Simply want more out of life and to feel free to finally be you

If you are like me, then you have always felt like you didn’t belong, at least like others seemed to. You could never put your finger on why, but those moments of peace, happiness and self-belief were all too fleeting. Finding You helps break this dynamic once and for all.


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Readers say

“Rarely has poetry moved me to tears… These poems will change your life.”
Rae Antony
Mama Rae’s Soul Food
“It brought out the tears and helped me reflect on my own journey.”
M Selbst
Business Coach
“It’s raw and heartfelt. I have never enjoyed reading poetry so much.”
Deanne Day
“Help(s) you transcend your skeletons and reach a higher state of frequency.”
Max Koulakov
IT Industry
“This book touched me to the core. It will be your companion in the deepest times of need.”
Emily Gowor
Inspirational Writer & Speaker
“It’s raw, it’s real, it’s confronting, like you feel naked standing in front of God!”
S Campbell
Business Development Manager

Finding You is raw, honest, and emotional…
and it’s about you being all you can be –

About the author

Steve Vincent

Steve Vincent is a poet and spiritual teacher who helps people overcome their challenges and live their dharma.

A reclusive opacarophile, Steve’s search for himself has stretched from the sands of the Sunshine Coast to the hot springs of New Zealand, to the Peruvian Amazon for ayahuasca ceremonies, and has included many an energetic healing online and in person, and long hours alone pondering the meaning of life.

Originally a high school teacher, faculty head and deputy principal, then freelance journalist, copywriter, writing coach and marketing consultant, Steve Vincent Plummer’s journey inwards has unlocked the pain of the human experience, which emerges in his words that are said to move women to tears and make men squirm. As a poet and spiritual teacher, he writes under his given names and presents internationally.

Steve lives on the Sunshine Coast and when not writing and leading groups, can be found at one of the beautiful local beaches communing with Mother Earth or gazing out to sea.

– I am not good enough –

– I feel great –

– I am broken –

– There is something wrong with me –

– I am so happy today –

– I am love –

– Gosh I hate this –

– I’m so excited –

– This feels horrible –

I just want to feel peace!

Yin/yang, light/dark one cannot exist without the other

Finding You helps you create internal balance by breaking the pattern of suppressing what feels “bad”.

Anything unresolved within our energy field will keep manifesting in our life until we heal it.

Let’s begin the healing journey…