Why did you self-publish?

Two reasons: speed and connection. I wanted to get the work out there as fast as possible so I could help others facing similar pain and disconnect in their lives. The traditional route is often long and slow. And you can lose creative control as well. The other reason was connection. My publisher, Gowor International, believed in the project from the start and this made it an easy decision.

Have you got other works coming out?

Yes. I write most days, so watch this space. If you want to hear from me more often, join the mailing list here and you’ll get (at least) a weekly email from me.

How long does it take to write a poem?

I usually write it in one spurt. This is a key for me. I just let it flow in one big dump. Then, if I’m still in the mood I may do a quick edit on the spot. Either way I leave it for a day or two and re-visit. An important part of the editing process for me is to read it out loud and tweak as I go. I may repeat this step or not. I then feel into if it’s “done” or not.